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Polychrome Portraits project carries both the real and fictional stories of colourful women to the audience and reader through digital stage, interviews and graphics.  

One pillar of the project is the digital stage. In this digital-play, Elvan, an academician and journalist creates her own YouTube channel as she didn’t feel comfortable anymore in continuing her journalism career in the mainstream media and on her channel she makes interviews with the women who devoted their life to support others. On her channel “Polychrome Portraits with Elvan” she interviews with women who are fictional characters yet still based on real life and their inspiring stories are shared with the audience. 

Seeking ways to perform in pandemic days when we had limited chance to meet face to face, this project brings the BGST Theatre’s years old “women’s theatre” experience to a different medium- digital environment-  

Another pillar of the Polychrome Portrait project is the interviews with women from various backgrounds. Further enhancing the fictional characters, these interviews lead to different areas as the project unfolds and underlines such values of their life stories as questioning the lifestyles, inspiring and strengthening. Thus both the fictional and real life stories come together on  feeding each other. Web site is also another pillar of the project with the design and drawings 

Supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Sevilay Saral wrote the plays. Aysel Yıldırım directed the plays. Aysel Yıldırım and Büşra Karpuz from BGST Theatre and Nazmiye Oral, actress from the Netherlands acted. Ülker Uncu made the interviews in Turkey and Martha Gallego made the interviews in the Netherlands. Zeycan Alkış drew for and designed the website. For Nazmiye Oral’s part, a cooperation was made with Female Economy from the Netherlands. Ülker Uncu coordinated the project. Polychrome Portraits ensured colourful cooperation and relations for BGST Theatre. 

Though responsibilities of the project team were set clearly, project team in Turkey of 5 people gathered on every Tuesday between March 2021 and September 2021 to discuss in details the plays, character Elvan’s development, venue and costume designs and web site’s designs. Monthly meetings were held with Martha Gallego to carry out parallel works.  

Polychrome Portraits has turned out to be a project for which the project team worked genuinely hard and wish to go in deeper. This project is discussed to be continue on specific themes.